At Cathedral City Estates, we are proud of the exceptional service we provide our landlords. Finding the right tenant for your property is an absolute priority and we have a long track record and experience of getting it right for you.

Our helpful guide takes you step by step through the process of letting your property with us:

1. Valuation

Before we begin looking for your ideal tenant, we will visit your property to make a professional rental assessment and advise on the level of rent you will be able to achieve. During our meeting we will explain your legal responsibilities as a landlord and advise on any work required to help the property achieve its full rental potential and remain compliant with regulations. This is the point at which we’re legally obliged to check your ID and the Title Deeds of the property.

2. Marketing

Your property will be listed on our own website as well as the best property search portals such as Rightmove and On The Market. We will also highlight your property’s availability on our social media channels including Facebook and Instagram, all with a view to finding the right tenant for you.

3. Viewings

One of our viewing agents will accompany all your viewings with prospective tenants so you don’t have to. We will share feedback with you quickly and let you know of any viewers who would like to take up the tenancy for your property. You will then select the tenant you feel would be the best fit.

4. References and Credit Checks

We will conduct credit and reference checks on your chosen tenant in order to help you with the selection process.

5. Tenancy Agreement

Our tenancy agreements are in place to protect your rights and interests whilst still complying with all the relevant legal requirements. Both the tenant and ourselves, on your behalf, sign the agreement in order for the tenancy to commence and be valid.

6. Inventory and Condition Report

We provide a detailed inventory and condition report for our landlords and tenants which gives us a record of the condition of your property at the start of the tenancy. This is vitally important in case there are any disputes over damage resulting in deductions from the tenant’s deposit.

7. Transfer of Utilities

We will take meter readings for gas and electricity and transfer the accounts into the new tenant’s name. We will also inform the council of the change of occupant so that council tax is attributed to the correct party.

8. Conclusion

The letting of your property is complete once the tenant has moved in. Throughout the tenancy we will carry out regular inspections to ensure your property is well looked after. All financial transactions, such as receiving rent or paying contractors, will be dealt with by ourselves allowing you to be hands-off and able to get on with your day to day life.

We will continue to be available throughout the tenancy to deal with any emergencies, maintenance or enquiries and when the time comes to re-let your property, we’ll be ready to help again.

If you’re looking to let your property, we’re here to help. Call us on 01786 821012 or get in touch.